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Kirk Henderson storyboarded the entire film and created concept art for the horror makeup. The concept pieces shown here are for the spirit characters Alexandra and Christopher Balkov. Initially, quick pencil sketches were done by the director to explore visual possibilities. Once an idea was chosen, the sketch was scanned and then rendered in Photoshop. These sketches were used to aid casting, and certain actors were sought who had facial features that resembled the drawings. The concepts were developed further once the roles were cast and the director had photographs of the players which he reworked in Photoshop to a more realistic degree. These images were then given to makeup artist Stefan Dupuis, who created the horror makeups based on Henderson's designs.

With a shooting schedule of 5 days, the storyboard was used to expedite communication between Henderson and D.P. Cliff Traiman. As the location chosen differed somewhat from the way the board had been drawn, shots were altered on set. Further changes were made in the editing process. Shown here are instances where the artwork corresponded fairly closely to the final shots in the film. They also display Traiman's creation of mood through lighting, with the warm/cool contrast (blue and orange) of Clifford in the living room, to the eerie green hues of the kitchen sequence, and the faded sepia shades for the sequences with the old Balkov journal.